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 Adobe Acrobat X10 Pro | 475 MB | Win RAR

Acrobat X Pro 10 is a full-featured powerful business application that creates rich content PDF documents in various ways.

This professional application views, creates, edits, shares and prints high quality PDF files, builds nice looking PDF portfolios, combines Office, scanned paper documents, multimedia files, images and existing PDFs into a single PDF file, creates PDF forms and shares files using the SendNow online service.

Users can rotate, extract, replace, crop, split the pages of the selected documents, create or change page design, add watermarks, bookmarks, interactive objects (links, buttons, multimedia files such as video, audio, Flash, 3D graphics), edit, distribute and track forms.

Other built-in features allow the encrypting, digital signing, password protection of personal documents, recognition of text in one or multiple image (scanned) PDFs using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, the removing of hidden or sensitive information (metadata, comments, links, form fields) with a single click.

Acrobat X Pro 10 allows users to insert timestamps, validate signatures, view and add notes, external files, drawings, compare files (text and image PDFs), listen (using text to speech technology) pages or entire documents in your earphones and send the selected PDFs via email to other users.

The software is able to import files of different types and live Web content such as streaming videos into a PDF portfolio, track, filter and export reviewers comments, create and use custom action sets (with the help of Action Wizard) to process PDFs faster and easier than before.

The Action Wizard includes standard action sets that permit the archiving of paper documents (scan and convert paper documents to images, use OCR, add description and export them to PDF/A compliant format), the retrieving of scanned documents from email attachments, preparing PDF for distribution, reviewing or Web publishing, etc.


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